The Big Draw

Chislehurst Common (between Manor Park Road and School Road, BR7 5PQ)

Saturday 17 September, 1pm to 5pmBig Draw

A great day, and the rain stayed away until 4.30pm. So many people came to join “Our World in Common” to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics.

Young and old used their passports to artistic adventure to go off around the globe to create traditional crafts and art from each continent. They shouted with Punch and Judy and were enchanted with fairytales. We made Indonesian shadow puppets, Russian Dolls, and a Hopi Indian kachina warrior, hid behind a Venetian mask and twirled a hand painted Chinese banner. After making an Aborigine dream painting, we crossed the globe to make golden English brass rubbings of knights in armour.

We had such a wonderful day!

Click here to look at a gallery of photos from the day taken by Robert Piwko

Let us know if you would like to have any of the photos


Event sponsored by jdm and The Chislehurst Society.